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PackageSourceRoot Configuration in App-V 5

March 3, 2014
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TwoArrowsChange generally happens, and so it may happen for the location of your .appv file store, too; esp. in a Native App-V deployment scenario or in a Shared Content Store mode scenario. With PackageSourceRoot you can tell the App-V Clients to get the data from a new location and to forget about the old one… particularly


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Remote Database Creation for App-V 5 Revised

December 30, 2013

AppVDBAbout a year ago I published a Powershell script that helps preparing the App-V 5 Management and Reporting database for scenarios, where executing App-V’s setup wizard locally on the SQL server is not appropriate. The script has evolved, and a new version is available right now.

With PrepSQL for App-V 5, you can

  • Prepare the App-V Management database and the App-V Reporting database without running black-boxed executables on your SQL servers
  • Prepare the the App-V databases für using in clustered SQL server environments
  • Give your SQL Administrator the confidence to only make comprehensible changes to the SQL server
  • Fully automate the preparation and even execution of App-V’s .sql scripts
  • leverage log files to identify potential issues while preparing the .sql scripts
  • Allow to use a name for the Reporting database that is not limited to a length of 20 characters

Dowload PrepSQL v2 from

Download from (more…)

Deployment Models and Dynamic Configurations in App-V 5

September 9, 2013

With App-V 5 Microsoft introduced the concept of Dynamic Configurations, allowing to manage and control the way how virtual applications integrate into the base OS or how the virtual packages behave on clients. One of the main benefits of Dynamic Configurations is the ability to apply different settings to different machines or users. However, these Dynamic Configurations are applied differently, depending on the distribution model. In this article we’ll show that the old principle of “A package’s virtual resources are equal regardless of the deployment model’ has changed in App-V 5.

In short: Just having or modifying the XMLs is not enough, in no scenario!


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A short Review on Gridmetric Application Virtualization Explorer for App-V 5

August 13, 2013
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It’s not a secret that I am a super-fan of Gridmetric’s Application Virtualization Explorer (AVE) since it was released and replaced the old SFTExplorer. Therefor I’m really happy that Kalle Saunamäki told me about the release of AVE 3.0, the first and only 3rd party editor for App-V 5 packages. Here is why you should get your hands on it, too.


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The right App-V 5 Sequencing Wizard

July 21, 2013
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The App-V 5 Sequencer offers – like the 4.6 SP1 Sequencer – a set of wizards. In this article the wizards will be compared and a guideline will be provided when to use which wizard.

Back in 2011 I published an article that described the differences between the App-V Sequencing Wizards that have been introduced with 4.6 SP1. On a first glance, the 5.0 / 5.0 SP1 Sequencer wizards look very much the same, but because App-V 5.0 is quite different at all, let’s see how Microsoft implemented wizards in here


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If App-V 5 MSIs aren’t working

May 24, 2013

Do your App-V 5 Publishing MSIs just roll back, so that you can’t deploy applications to your stand-alone or test machines?

Sebastian Gernert tells you why on his blog (in German)

Apparently the App-V 5 SP1 x 64 Sequencer creates MSIs that just roll back.

Sebastian’s recommendation (and due to his job this is almost an official MS recommendation) you should apply a work around and set the following Registry keys (note that it ain’t values):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 


(simply copy/paste into a .reg file and apply it)

Another option of course would be to use the add/publish/mount Powershell cmdlets (as we did in the training I was conducting this week in Austria)

(This is a fast publish article)

Citrix R02 for XenApp 6.0 may cause App-V error 04-00000A09

February 12, 2013
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RollupPack for Citrix XenApp 6.0 may ‘break’ your App-V deployment.

It converts the command line for a published application into all lowercase characters – and if you use the SFTTRAY command and specify the App-V application’s name here, SFTTRAY  requires case sensitive spelling of the vApp name.
In that case, App-V throws an error 04-00000A09

Luckywise there’s a Hotfix by Citrix at CTX136159.

This issue does not occur if you only use published desktops. It also does not occur if your XenApp publication ‘command line’ points to OSD files instead of SFTMIME

Recommendation: Apply HF03 for XA60R02 right away (… or migrate to XenApp 6.5)

(Fast publish article)

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How to share ports of App-V 5 services

February 4, 2013
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IconWhile previous versions of App-V targeted a single instance implementation, the new infrastructure servers for an App-V 5 native deployment are designed to be scaled out and to be diverged across separate machines. The services for Management, Publishing and Reporting are based on IIS, also Streaming can be done from a web site. App-V’s Services uses different ports for all these services – but what if you only want to use a single port, like 80?


New App-V 5 Visio Stencil

December 17, 2012

Icon_smallThe App-V Visio Stencil has been updated to reflect the new components that were introduced with App-V 5.

It contains dedicated symbols for the Publishing, Management, Reporting and Streaming Service as well as symbols for Clients running in shared-content mode. Symbols are genric enough to be used with App-V 4.x as well.




SP2 for App-V 4.6 to be deployed via MS Update at End of November

November 6, 2012
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WindowsUpdate_100According to (a very trustworthy source), Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 will be deployed via Microsoft Update “at the end of this month” (which is November). A thing to consider…


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