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Citrix Provisioning Services – Today’s Hotfixes | September 6, 2011

Citrix’ policy for the release of Provisioning Services is – let’s say it
that way – not quite clear. mal. Some Hotfixes simply disappear from the public
site, some hotfixes that appear there are replaced by others. Also, the
individual CTX articles for the hotfixes don’t always tell clearly, if a hotfix
has replaced others or if it was superseded itself.

Forced to by some projects I tried to collect all the Citrix Hotfixes that

  • Designed for Citrix Provisioning Services 5.6 SP1
  • Are public available
  • Have been released until Sep. 6th, 2011

Please refer to the PDF for more details on the hotfixes: Citrix-PVS-Hotfixes_2011-09-06

[Update 2011-09-12] Hotfix clarification by Citrix Support about E028 and E006 applied: E006 replaces E028. The updated PDF is Citrix-PVS-Hotfixes_2011-09-12.

Recommended Microsoft Hotfixes for Provisioned Systems

Citrix maintains a list of recommended MS Updates that should be applied to
provisioned systems:

Also, there is a list of recommended Hotfixes for XenApp 6, regardless of
their deployment method:

So far, I didn’t come across a similar list for XenDesktop.

Installation Method

Did you ever “install” PVS hotfixes? Then you perfectly know how file copy
operations are used within your Software Deployment Solution or Scripting
Language: PVS Hotfix “installations” mostly are readme files that explain where
the few files should be copied to. No MSI, MSU, MSP, EXE or other nice method.

From time to time it even happens that two “current” Hotfixes ask to
replace the same file. Can’t believe it? Check the readme for “E028” and

Due to the short life time of some of the hotfixes it’s almost useless to
publish installation scripts – they would expire to quick.

Citrix Provisioning Services 5.6 SP1 Hotfix List

Note: the Citrix-PVS-Hotfixes_2011-09-06 PDF contains more Details, like fixed issues or the bug IDs

Hotfix Name PVS Server PVS Target CTX Article
   Yes CTX125361
CPVS56SP1E014 CTX129104
superseded by E022
CPV56SP1E003_CPVS56E019 CTX127528 included
in E036
CPVS56SP1E001 CTX127189
superseded by E002
CPVS56SP1E002 CTX127502 superseded
by E008
CPVS56SP1E004  Yes CTX127565
CPVS56SP1E005  Yes CTX127558
CPVS56SP1E007 CTX127813
superseded by E026
CPVS56SP1E008 CTX127937 included
in E040
CPVS56SP1E009 CTX128602
superseded by E020
CPVS56SP1E011  Yes CTX128160
CPVS56SP1E013  Yes CTX128245
CPVS56SP1E014  Yes CTX129104
CPVS56SP1E015  Yes CTX128591
CPVS56SP1E016 CTX128726 superseded by E029
CPVS56SP1E017Filename E036 CTX128770
included in E036
CPVS56SP1E018  Yes CTX128603
CPVS56SP1E019 Filename E036 CTX127528
included in E036
CPVS56SP1E020  Yes CTX129474
CPVS56SP1E022  Yes CTX129123
CPVS56SP1E023 CTX128727
superseded by E028
CPVS56SP1E024  Yes CTX129471
CPVS56SP1E026  Yes CTX128987
CPVS56SP1E027 CTX128989
superseded by E041
CPVS56SP1E028 CTX129021
superseded by E006
CPVS56SP1E029  Yes CTX129381
CPVS56SP1E036  Yes CTX130273
CPVS56SP1E040  Yes CTX130275
CPVS56SP1J003 CTX127375 Japanese
CPVS56SP1E038  Yes CTX130117
CPVS56SP1E006  Yes CTX130664
CPVS56SP1E033  Yes CTX130661
CPVS56SP1E041  Yes CTX130662

Summary and Recommendation

Well, I won’t summarize my thoughts about Citrix’ Patch “Management” for
PVS that I had several times during the last few weeks. If I would, this
article would be marked as “verbal abuse”.

However, there are some recommendations:

  • Do check for PVS Updates on a regular basis. Usually, new patches
    fix really important issues. I tend to check once per month or at least once
    every three months.
  • Do automate the PVS Hotfix installation – at least by using CMD
    scripts. The effort of the initial creation pays off with the second server/device
    that you install.
  • Read the Readme: Check for requirements, HF installation order and
    replaced files. Some HFs require other HFs, some replace the same files like
    others and some should be installed even before the actual PVS Software.
  • Reboot the Server / (Master)Target after you applied Hotfixes. Some
    replace drivers and I doubt they are replaced on the fly.
  • Verify file replacements. If have seen scripts that replaced/added
    files only after the second time they run. Do not rely on the “.md5” checksum
    files. They are not usable as an indicator whether a HF has been installed or
    not. Compare file dates!

Actually, the recommendation is: Please, Citrix, redesign the Hotfix Management and Release process for Provisioning Services. Build out-of-the-box installers. Urgently!

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