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The right App-V 5 Sequencing Wizard

July 21, 2013
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The App-V 5 Sequencer offers – like the 4.6 SP1 Sequencer – a set of wizards. In this article the wizards will be compared and a guideline will be provided when to use which wizard.

Back in 2011 I published an article that described the differences between the App-V Sequencing Wizards that have been introduced with 4.6 SP1. On a first glance, the 5.0 / 5.0 SP1 Sequencer wizards look very much the same, but because App-V 5.0 is quite different at all, let’s see how Microsoft implemented wizards in here


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If App-V 5 MSIs aren’t working

May 24, 2013

Do your App-V 5 Publishing MSIs just roll back, so that you can’t deploy applications to your stand-alone or test machines?

Sebastian Gernert tells you why on his blog (in German)

Apparently the App-V 5 SP1 x 64 Sequencer creates MSIs that just roll back.

Sebastian’s recommendation (and due to his job this is almost an official MS recommendation) you should apply a work around and set the following Registry keys (note that it ain’t values):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 


(simply copy/paste into a .reg file and apply it)

Another option of course would be to use the add/publish/mount Powershell cmdlets (as we did in the training I was conducting this week in Austria)

(This is a fast publish article)

Bulk-update App-V Packages with a new Sequencer

January 26, 2012

Do you want to update all your old SoftGrid / App-V Packages to the newest Sequencer / Client version? Do you need to create Publishing MSIs for a bunch of packages because in the past you didn’t need them but want to use them now? Here is a simple Powershell Script that converts all existing packages within a folder structure recursively.


App-V 4.6 SP1 HF3 available on request

July 19, 2011
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Sebastian Gernert posted in German at that Hotfix 3 for App-V 4.6 SP1 is available on request.

According to Sebastian, this patch addresses the following issues:

  • Applications can’t be launched if the SFT file is not located at the right location on an HTTP server – although RequireAuthorizationIfCached is set to 0 and the package is fully cached
  • The Sequencer’s “Save as” feature is avaiable again
  • Applications failed to launch from a Network Share on WinXP and W2003 compute
  • Applications, that call the LoadLibrary Windows API during sequencing may fail
  • Running applications from a network share that call DLLs may cause error 04-00000020
  • The App-V Client Service takes a long time to launch and decreases perfomance (also boot performance)

Treat the topics with caution: they are a “free translation” from German!

Some of the topics have been addressed with HF1 and HF2 already.

If you encounter any of the issues described above, you may contact Microsoft Support to request the Hotfix.

The KB article ID will be 2571168.

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App-V 4.6 SP1 – the right Sequencing Wizard

June 1, 2011
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The new App-V Sequencer 4.6 SP1 introduces – besides new features – a set of new wizards. While in the „old“ Sequencers, basically there were three different
wizards (New; Open; Open for Upgrade), there are 7 wizards available within 4.6 SP1. To increase confusion, most of these wizards contain choices that influence the Sequencing process. Depending on those process choices, some wizard steps will be skipped.

After working with the new Sequencer for a while now I tried to figure out which wizard allows (or prevents) certain activities.


To Q: or not to Q: – that is the question

May 19, 2011

… at least that is one question that often is discussed in an App-V environment.

While monitoring an application setup with the App-V Sequencer, you will have to decide if you install the application to the C: drive (the installer’s default location) or to the Q: drive. Microsoft strongly recommends to always install to the Q: drive (an “MNT install”). However, many
applications proved to work fine after they were installed to C: (a “VFS install”).
This article discusses some of the myths and facts around that “C: vs. Q:” or “VFS vs. MNT” installations.

Note: To limit the size of that post, there is an “Extended Version” availabe as PDF at This PDF contains more detailed information, esp. the details to reason the table’s content.

[Update 2011-05-23: Tim Mangan blogged about an issue when Sequencing to Q: in the App-V 4.6 SP1 Sequencer.]


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Defective component registration with 4.6 SP1 Sequencer

May 13, 2011
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This is a loose translation of Sebastian Gernert’s blog articel “4.6 SP1 Sequencer registriert Dateien nicht richtig…” (German).

Sebastian namely thanks Jan Pfisterer and Marius Gawenda, who pointed him to that issue.

Because the new Sequencer does not require a separate hard disk partion for the Q: drive (but uses a Symbolic Link), some components (like OCX controls) may not register correctly. In their registration, they may point to the Symbolic Link’s target (on the C: drive) instead.


What if duplicate GUIDs never appear? A reply to the Saga of Duplicate GUID

April 13, 2011

Different versions of Microsoft’s App-V Sequencer used to have the habit of generating non-unique (but duplicate) package GUIDs under certain circumstances. This seemed to appear if the Sequencer Software was launched before a snapshot was taken of the VM. Tim Mangan and Nicke Källen found out that a similar issue occurs (under certain circumstances) when using the new template feature of App-V SP1. However, I never faced nor heard about duplicate GUIDs in practice… And the reason might be the VM’s state while taking the snapshot.


A Preview on App-V 4.6 SP 1

November 24, 2010
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During TechEd EMEA 2011 and – a few days later – at the German App-V User Group Meeting, Microsoft showed some features of the upcoming Service Pack 1 for Microsoft App-V 4.6, which is announced for the quarter of 2011.

You can watch the TechEd Videos. Ment van der Plas has collected them at  Also, Jurjen van Leeuwen collected some of the highlights at

While Service Pack 1 for App-V 4.6 will significantly affect the Sequencer, there are also some changes to the App-V Client.


Should the App-V Sequencer be installed into the Snapshot Image?

August 14, 2010


In order to create a persistent state of the Sequencer Workstation for App-V Sequencing, it is recommended to either use Virtual Machine Snapshots or some Hard Disk Imaging Technologies. The reason for creating such a persistent state is that Sequencing always should be performed from a “clean” workstation and imaging or using snapshots are two very fast ways to accomplish this.

The Common Sense about that persistent image is that it should reflect the “Core (Client) Image” to certain extends and also it should not have any background services active that negatively influence the sequencing process. Microsoft’s Sequencing Guide whitepaper describes that more detailed.

But what about the Sequencer Software itself: should it be installed before the image gets created – or should it be installed each time after the image has been reverted?

In the past, there was an easy answer to that question. It was caused by a special behaviour (you may call it a bug) of the Sequencer Software – and this answer was: Do not install the Sequencer before creating the image. Essentially, the reason for this advice was that the Sequencer sometimes generated equal Package GUIDs (instead of random GUIDs) – it did not do that always, but explaining that would be out-of-scope here. Therefore, the Sequencer software usually was not installed before creating the image…


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