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Remote Database Creation for App-V 5 Revised

December 30, 2013

AppVDBAbout a year ago I published a Powershell script that helps preparing the App-V 5 Management and Reporting database for scenarios, where executing App-V’s setup wizard locally on the SQL server is not appropriate. The script has evolved, and a new version is available right now.

With PrepSQL for App-V 5, you can

  • Prepare the App-V Management database and the App-V Reporting database without running black-boxed executables on your SQL servers
  • Prepare the the App-V databases für using in clustered SQL server environments
  • Give your SQL Administrator the confidence to only make comprehensible changes to the SQL server
  • Fully automate the preparation and even execution of App-V’s .sql scripts
  • leverage log files to identify potential issues while preparing the .sql scripts
  • Allow to use a name for the Reporting database that is not limited to a length of 20 characters

Dowload PrepSQL v2 from

Download from (more…)

How to share ports of App-V 5 services

February 4, 2013

IconWhile previous versions of App-V targeted a single instance implementation, the new infrastructure servers for an App-V 5 native deployment are designed to be scaled out and to be diverged across separate machines. The services for Management, Publishing and Reporting are based on IIS, also Streaming can be done from a web site. App-V’s Services uses different ports for all these services – but what if you only want to use a single port, like 80?


App-V Management Server Installation Error 25120: Two likely causes

May 5, 2011
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The installation of the App-V Management Server 4.5.x on a Windows Server 2008/2008R2 occasionally fails with an “The installation programm was unable to create the required IIS virtual directory: Error 25120”

The most likely cause for this is that the “IIS Management Scripts and Tools” and/or the “IIS 6 Management Compatibility” role features are not installed. This has been discussed and confirmed several times, like at BallBlog, SystemCenterCentral, the App-V forum on Technet, Miito’s Blog and other sources (like here).

Another potential cause, that obviously is not so common, is a missing “Default Web Site” in IIS…


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