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App-V Client configuration with ADMX Template

April 13, 2011
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Microsoft’s Application Virtualization Client 4.5 and 4.6 settings essentially are controlled by Registry values. A while back, Microsoft published an ADM Template to control some of these settings. Login Consultants then published an add-on ADM Template that controls the seetings that Microsoft did not implement.

Now, Login Consultants offers an new, full ADMX Template that uses the more current XML based way of manipulating software settings by Group Policy Objects (GPOs). Furthermore, the new ADMX contains all relevant settings to control App-V Clients, so admins don’t have to deal with two different templates any longer. However, there are som considerations…



What if duplicate GUIDs never appear? A reply to the Saga of Duplicate GUID

April 13, 2011

Different versions of Microsoft’s App-V Sequencer used to have the habit of generating non-unique (but duplicate) package GUIDs under certain circumstances. This seemed to appear if the Sequencer Software was launched before a snapshot was taken of the VM. Tim Mangan and Nicke Källen found out that a similar issue occurs (under certain circumstances) when using the new template feature of App-V SP1. However, I never faced nor heard about duplicate GUIDs in practice… And the reason might be the VM’s state while taking the snapshot.


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