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A Preview on App-V 4.6 SP 1

November 24, 2010
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During TechEd EMEA 2011 and – a few days later – at the German App-V User Group Meeting, Microsoft showed some features of the upcoming Service Pack 1 for Microsoft App-V 4.6, which is announced for the quarter of 2011.

You can watch the TechEd Videos. Ment van der Plas has collected them at  Also, Jurjen van Leeuwen collected some of the highlights at

While Service Pack 1 for App-V 4.6 will significantly affect the Sequencer, there are also some changes to the App-V Client.


Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 Read Only Cache for VDI Environments #3

November 1, 2010

Assigning the updated Cache to VDI Machines

Article Series Content

#1 Introduction and Key Findings

#2 Setting up the Staging Client and Loading Applications into the Staging Cache

#3 Assigning the updated Cache to VDI Virtual Machines (this article)

The right Location for the Shared Cache

The asumption of a VDI scenario was the most important driver for Microsoft to develop App-V’s “Read-Only-Cache” functionalities. As Justin Zarb illustrated in one of his articles, storage space may become a significant cost driver in a VDI environment. Given that situation, there are some possibilities how to achieve storage savings. Please be aware that this blog article can not cover all the advantages, disadvantages and a deep technological assessment, so Iam a little bit short here: (more…)

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