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High-Five to the German App-V User Group | May 3, 2012

Save the date:

June 22ndWe are currently in the preparation of our fifth German App-V User Group Meeting (“App-V Day”) for June 22nd close to Erfurt (Sömmerda).

Not only it is the fifth German App-V Day. This year we also have an Organizer Team of five people. And yes, for sure we will talk mostly about App-V 5 (but we have more than 5 topics to cover).

UPDATE: Agenda and Registraion online at

Following topics are on our Agenda
  • Deployment Workflow (From the Sequencer to the Client, GUI driven)
  • Powershell Cmdlets for App-V: Overview and Samples
  • Application Groups (Dynamic Suiting re-architected)
  • Dynamic Configuration: OS Entry Points for Machines and Users
  • Migrating from App-V 4 to 5: Scenarios and Tools
  • App-V 5 Troubleshooting
  • MS User Experience Virtualization (UE-V)
  • Notes from the Field
  • Best of Communities

UPDATE: There will be one track. Registration and Agenda online at

All presentations will be held in German.

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