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Remote Database Creation for App-V 5 Revised

December 30, 2013

AppVDBAbout a year ago I published a Powershell script that helps preparing the App-V 5 Management and Reporting database for scenarios, where executing App-V’s setup wizard locally on the SQL server is not appropriate. The script has evolved, and a new version is available right now.

With PrepSQL for App-V 5, you can

  • Prepare the App-V Management database and the App-V Reporting database without running black-boxed executables on your SQL servers
  • Prepare the the App-V databases für using in clustered SQL server environments
  • Give your SQL Administrator the confidence to only make comprehensible changes to the SQL server
  • Fully automate the preparation and even execution of App-V’s .sql scripts
  • leverage log files to identify potential issues while preparing the .sql scripts
  • Allow to use a name for the Reporting database that is not limited to a length of 20 characters

Dowload PrepSQL v2 from

Download from (more…)

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