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If App-V 5 MSIs aren’t working | May 24, 2013

Do your App-V 5 Publishing MSIs just roll back, so that you can’t deploy applications to your stand-alone or test machines?

Sebastian Gernert tells you why on his blog (in German)

Apparently the App-V 5 SP1 x 64 Sequencer creates MSIs that just roll back.

Sebastian’s recommendation (and due to his job this is almost an official MS recommendation) you should apply a work around and set the following Registry keys (note that it ain’t values):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 


(simply copy/paste into a .reg file and apply it)

Another option of course would be to use the add/publish/mount Powershell cmdlets (as we did in the training I was conducting this week in Austria)

(This is a fast publish article)


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