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Microsoft Application Virtualization 5 Book Announcement | November 1, 2012

Hi there,

“Hi there” ? This – for me – quite exuberant blog introduction may indicate to you that I am really excited about the book announcement that Nicke, Kalle, Ment and I published just yesterday

I now can unveil that I persoanlly started to think about writing a book quite a while ago (I found an MindMap which is dated back 4 years), I even started to write something… but as you probably know there were the books by Nico Lüdemann, Mitch Tulloch, Tim Mangan & Kevin Kaminski or Augusto Alvarez which cover quite a lot of the potential content one can imagine around App-V Version 4. Not much left here.

So, when we discussed the idea of an App-V “vNext” book almost one year ago in Vienna, I got hooked.

I won’t disclose any ‘relevant’ information here – if you want to learn about the content, delivery model or timelines, is the primary source. But I can tell you that we made some sginificant progress since we really started working on in. In fact, at the beginning we four guys moved slower than I did alone with my ‘old’ engagement. This was not mainly caused by four different working styles (and I do tell you that it is not always the German who discusses an hour about a specific phrase ;-) ) – no, in fact it was Microsoft that slowed down the book creation process. Why? Well, MS just “reinvented the wheel”:  Comparing App-V 4 and App-V 5 is like comparing a ‘classical’ car with an E-Car. Sort of they are all the same, but of course they are not.

The product which is now released as Microsoft Application Virtualization Version 5 is so fundamental different, that we really needed to put a lot of efforts into understanding it. And with every pre-release, which Microsoft submitted to selected customers and us, they changed the product. They did not just ‘fix bugs’, they also added a bunch of new features to every version, plus they applied changes that were requested by customers and MVPs.  So… we installed a new version, tested it, reverted the VMs, installed some even newer Version, tired to understand the changes… And if that’s not enough, we published some offline and online articles about the Public Beta… leaving us only a very limited amount of time to contribute to ‘the book’. But things changed a little, it is not “all new” any longer and talking about the writing we are ‘getting into it’.

Considering this you may understand why I am so enthusiastic about our App-V 5 Book announcement… and I hope you get exited as well, once you can start reading it :-)

PS: you may want to follow @appvbook for most up-to-date information.

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