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Howto: Increase the Update Speed for Application Changes | April 16, 2012

So, you followed one of the posts orthe Admin Guide that have told you how to publish a new application with the App-V 5 Beta Management/Publishing Server(s) – but your Client doesn’t seem to refresh changes?

The potential reason for this is an interval that is defined on the Publishing Server feature. By default, it only refreshes its information every ten minutes. If this appears to slow for you, there is a simple switch to shorten that period…


The original post refers to the Beta version of App-V 5. The process to adjust the update interval has changed since the RTM version.
In App-V 5 RTM and any subsequent version, you have to modify the registry value 



On the App-V Publishing Server machine, go to

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Virtualization Server\PublishingService

and find the web.config file. It probably looks like mine:



In here, find the  value for “metadataRefreshInterval” that should be “600” by default. Change this to an appropriate value (in seconds). I used 30 seconds (fast enough for demos).


  • You shouldn’t set it too short. Otherwise your Publishing Service will be busy refreshing itself (and not serving Client requests)
  • The file is located in a protected location. You either should edit it with an elevated Notepad or (what I do) move it to the desktop, edit it there, and move it back… (erhm… after you created a backup-copy, right?)


  1. […] Howto: Increase the Update Speed for Application Changes […]

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  2. IMPORTANT: This article was written for the Beta version of App-V 5.

    In the final version, it is the Registry version that has to be adjusted.

    Comment by kirxblog — August 28, 2014 @ 14:48

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