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HowTo install App-V 4.5 Management Server on Windows Server 8 Beta | April 15, 2012

A colleague of mine, Volker Kleiner (owner of , posted a German article on about how to install the App-V 4.5 Management Server onto Windows Server 8 Beta. Why… well, because it just doesn’t work out-of-the-box. During installation, you’d get an Error 25100 or Error 25122. For Windows 2008, a solution is described at MS KB2212140, but that doesn’t work on Win8: To prepare the machine, you need to “convert” it into a “GUI less” server instance and convert it back afterwards. This is the (loose) English translation of that article…



App-V Management Server 4.5 is not supported on Windows Server 8. This is an “educational” configuration only that you strictly have to limit onto non-productive Test Environment.

Why are we doing it then? – Just for the fun of it!

Reminder: Still there is no 4.6 Management Server.  4.5 SP2 is the current release

The Challenge

There is a known issue while installing the App-V Management Server 4.5: It fails when you install it onto a machine that has Dot.Net 4 installed. The installer produces an Error 25122 that is documented in MS KB2212140 (

The proposed workaround there is to uninstall Dot.Net 4 first, then install the App-V Management Server Software, then re-install Dot.Net 4 again.

While this is fine on a Windows 2008 (R2) Server, you’ll get an issue on Windows Server 8 Beta: Uninstalling Dot.Net 4 means deactivating the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

The Procedure 


To get the App-V 4 Management Server running on a Windows 8 Server, you have to have two Win8 Server machines. Both have to be member of the same domain.

One machine is the “helper”.  It’s actually only used to remote-admin the actual App-V Server machine (= “App-V MS”).

On the App-V MS
  • Install the IIS Role with the Dot.Net 3.5 Feature
  • Verify the Installation
  • Enable the Remote Management Feature (enabled by default)
  • Verify the functionality via the Helper machine
  • Copy the App-V Server installation sources to C:\Install (Remember that location!)
On the Helper

You don’t need to install any specific feature


On the App-V MS
  • Remove the Dot.Net 4.5 Feature
  • Reboot the machine
  • From the Command Prompt:
    • Start the App-V Management Server Installer (from C:\Install)
    • Go through it (it will be graphical)
    • Do NOT Reboot the machine after installation
From the Helper machine
  • Remote-install the Dot.Net 4.5 and the PowerShell 3.0 feature onto the App-V MS
Back on the App-V MS
  • From the Command Prompt: launch PowerShell
  • Within PowerShell: Execute Install-WindowsFeature Server-GUI-Mgmt-Infra,Server-Gui-Shell –Restart –Source c:\mountdir\windows\winsxs
  • After completion: Reboot the machine
  • Re-Install ASP.NET 3.5 and ASP.NET 4.5 on the IIS


You’ll find the App-V Management Console in the “Tools” Menu of the new Server Manager. Connect to “localhost” (or better: the hostname of the App-V MS), preconfigure the System and start using it.

 The Result

App-V Management Server 4.5 SP2 is running on a Windows Server 8 Beta – but again: this is not a supported scenario.

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  1. To make it easier now, second machine is not needed. If you want to return to your .NET4.5 (and whole GUI) after management server installation, you can do following:

    1. type command:
    dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:Server-GUI-Mgmt /All
    2. reboot
    3. type command:

    4. reinstall all features and roles you removed with .NET4.5

    Anyway, thanks, that was helpful!

    Comment by sm — March 16, 2013 @ 20:35

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