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HP Discover 2011 – personal findings | December 3, 2011

I was given they chance to attend this year’s European HP Discover event in Vienna. Because there were some quite surprising aspects for me, there might be some news for you as well.

Apparently, I am not that Server Hardware, Network Equipment nor Storage guy, so I was quite sceptic about the value HP Discover could give to me.

So I was seeking for at least ‘sort of’ interesting stuff amongst the 650 breakout sessions and technical demos. Of course there were tons of Storage and Server related sessions, but also a lot of ‘cloud’ stuff I actually started with.

To start with the surrounding stuff: I was there together with some other App-V MVPs: Ruben (@rspruijt) , Ment (@mentvanderplas), Nicke (@znackattack) and Kalle (@gridmetric). Our stay was organized by ivy worldwide.

The event in short: There were about 7000 attendees and about 650 sessions and technical presentations. Mostly there were 40 sessions in parallel (making a choice quite difficult).

The over all organization during the event – and Ivy’s dedicated services – were quite perfect.

So, let’s get to the content.

HP’s vision – while focusing on the layers ‘up to the hypervisor’  – is quite broad. Yes, they have their own equipment for public, private and hybrid clouds, but with solutions like HP CloudSystem, different approaches, technologies and vendors can be addressed.

They seriously try to integrated the variety of best-of-breed solutions (like the most relevant commercial and Open Source hypervisors) into unified Management Consoles. So perhaps the Operations Team just doesn’t notice that you migrated to another vendor.
Especially on the Network layer, HP already has their Network Management offering that manages literally ‘all’ possible network devices you can think of. More than 5000 device classes from 140 vendors. In one single console.That best-of-breed approach obviously spans most of their software and services offering, that leads me to the first conclusion.

HP really is about to integrate solutions, across various layers of the technology stack as well as across different solutions and approaches within a certain layer.

In alignment with that aim, HP’s Application Lifecycle Management and Application Transformation Solutions offering should definitively be mentioned. Again, the area of interest is quite broad. Talking about Mainframe applications transforming to Windows apps or enabling transitions into (public or private) clouds: HP is offering pieces to this puzzle as well. Within their IT Performance Suite, there are products that analyze applications regarding their ability to be transformed to another architecture. HP even tries to identify the purpose of code (like User Interface, Backend Communication or Core Processing) in order to define higher and lower re-development priorities or recommend something like ‘don’t recode, but run it on VDI’ – based on both, technical and business driven parameters. HP has an impressive portfolio to address the transitions processes we all will face in the future. So, here is the second one:

HP is perhaps the one company with the most comprehensive approach to address Data and Application readiness for various paradigms, including own and 3rd party solutions.

While investigating about that, we heard about Application Transformation Experience workshop – a service offered by HP. In fact I knew that HP is offering various services like Support or DataCenter outsourcing. But that Transformation Experience Workshop (PDF) is really far beyond those task oriented activities.
HP High Level Consultants are moderating these workshops and guide technical executives through a vast variety of aspects they have to consider to make their IT organization agile and cost effective throughout the next years. Strongly highlighting non-technical aspects like Process Implications, Business Impact or Human aspects, this Workshop aim to enable customer’s decision makers to understand the complexity of Application Transformation- and agree on the high level targets right away. Of course such a one-day workshop can’t dig into technical details. Instead, general directions for future projects are defined here. And again – HP doesn’t really care if the customer wants to realize those projects alone, with HP or even with other System Integrators. And the news for me?

HP is an IT Professional Services provider with a holistic view on technical and non-technical dimensions of IT, including very professional, high level Consulting offerings.

There are a bunch of other things to tell, but I’d like to overall conclude my take-away:

HP is way more than just a hardware vendor. Their Services and Solutions are focusing on integration and flexibility. But it is exactly that flexibility that makes it difficult to pin HP somewhere. They do very good things, but because they do such a lot they struggle to claim there space outside the hardware market. They do interesting things beyond that but its really hard to learn about that.

Would I attend a next HP Discover? Probably yes!

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to join HP in Vienna. If there is any further info or follow up, please let us know how we can help.

    Comment by Kristie Popp — December 3, 2011 @ 13:42

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