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New: Free Login Consultant’s Application Virtualization Analyzer Tool | August 25, 2011

Do you want to get a comprehensive overview of all your App-V applications and packages, no matter if you use a Management Server, SCCM, another deployment solution or even manual deplyoments?

Do you want to verify quickly, if Naming Conflicts between virtual packages, 8+3 folders and other items occur?

Then, get Login Consultant’s “App-V Analyzer” to get all the infos usefully presented!

Today, Login Consultants released the first, free version of their “Application Virtualization Analyzer” tool.

It has been developed by Matthias Wessner and me, because we thought that no commercial nor free product actually compiles some critical information about App-V package management information.

The original aim was to develop a “conflict checker”, but it turned out that – as a side effect – one also would get a comprehensive overview of App-V packages.


You can download AVA from the Login Consultants Homepage or directly browse to the Tools Section. A free Registration is required.


Credits go out to Community Contributors Jurjen van Leeuwen and Thomas Øyen  as well as to our Login Colleauges Volker Kleiner and Holger Brink for testing some earlier versions of App-V Analyzer and providing very valuable feedback.


Virtual Application Inventory

AVA generates an Excel Report about critical properties of virtual applications and packages. At a glance you can inspect all the package names, primary directroy names, application names and others, with direct links to the corresponding OSD files.

App-V Conflict Check

AVA parses all virtual applications to identify potential conflicts on App-V specific properties, namely the Primary Directory (aka 8+3 folder), Package Name, or Application Name+Version. Those conflicts are highlighted.

Szenario Agnostic

AVA works with any App-V deployment scenario, like SCCM integrated, App-V Native, 3rd-Party (Altiris, Frontrange, Matrix42..) deployment solutions and even in stand-alone mode.


AVA does not require any database nor backend service to operate. It is developed in Powershell 2 and requires MS Excel. It simply parses the local or remote file share, where the App-V Packages are stored.


  • Powershell 2
  • MS Excel (installed)
  • Access to a lokal folder or remote share that contains the App-V Packages
  • A given subfolder should only contain package files that belong to the same logical package. If you mix files from different packages into one subfolder, AVA may respond with inaccurate results. A recursive folder structure is supported.
  • Patience

How to use it?

Well, that’s quite easy: Install it on a machine that has Powershell 2 and MS Excel installed, then open it from the Start Menu.

Browse (or enter) a location that contains all the OSD files an hit “Analyze”. Depending on the amount of App-V Applications (and the network speed), AVA may require several minutes to complete. During this period, the main window appears to be not responsive or “stuck”. Just give AVA its time. In some tests, AVA took as long as 30-45 minutes to complete.


To provide feedback, you may use Login Consultant’s Online Forum (SoftGrid Tooling section) – or you can contact me directly or via this Blog’s “Comment” feature.

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  1. How do i download the tool?

    Comment by Suma — March 9, 2012 @ 12:57

    • At Tools Section, there are a “Register here” and a “Login here” link on the top left. You first have to register/login. Once this is done, the “Download” buttons are available.

      Comment by kirxblog — March 10, 2012 @ 15:46

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