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App-V Management Server Installation Error 25120: Two likely causes | May 5, 2011

The installation of the App-V Management Server 4.5.x on a Windows Server 2008/2008R2 occasionally fails with an “The installation programm was unable to create the required IIS virtual directory: Error 25120”

The most likely cause for this is that the “IIS Management Scripts and Tools” and/or the “IIS 6 Management Compatibility” role features are not installed. This has been discussed and confirmed several times, like at BallBlog, SystemCenterCentral, the App-V forum on Technet, Miito’s Blog and other sources (like here).

Another potential cause, that obviously is not so common, is a missing “Default Web Site” in IIS…

I came across this while supporting a collegue of mine with a customer.

(Actually, it is not the App-V Management Server, but the App-V Management (web) Service component that fails to install. The Server itself and the Management Console install without any problem.)

After excluding the most common causes (see above) and searching the web, I came across “App-V Troubleshooting, Known Issues and General Resources“. While the resolutions for “Error 25120 ” already have been checked, there was a remark for another issue “App-V Error 25122” close by. Together with a post at appvirtguru, this lead to the solution: It turned out that the “Default WebSite” was missing in IIS, althoug IIS has been uninstalled and re-installed right before.

So, and how to re-create that? For us, the advice from DotNetScraps did the trick. IIS repaired, App-V installation successfull!

PS: It turns out that App-V Installation Error 25122 (not “our” 25120) often is caused if Dot.Net 4.0 is installed on the planned App-V Server. Therefor: Uninstall Dot.Net 4 before installing the App-V Server components. You can re-install Dot.Net 4 afterwards.   

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