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How to upgrade to Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6

February 23, 2010
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Now that MS App-V 4.6 has been released, one of the tasks is to define an upgrade path for your SoftGrid 4.2/4.2/App-V 4.5 infrastructure to the new App-V 4.6 release.

If you already run App-V within your organsation, probably the new key feature – 64 bit Client support – is not that relevant for you. Howerver, you may plan to roll out Office 2010, you may plan to build an VDI envoronment or maybe you just waited for that release because you just want to upgrade you “old” SoftGrid deployment.

Upgrading to a new version always is a good time to consider and re-think your current installation:

  • How did the amount of users scale?
  • Do Subsidaries play a role in your infrastructure?
  • Do you want to use one of the new Deployment Solutions that are available with App-V 4.5/4.6?
  • Do you plan to migrate your base Operating System on Desktop computers, Terminal Servers (now RDS server) or hosted VDI environments?
  • How startegic will Application Virtualization be for your application deployment?


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